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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

You seemed to really ‘have my back’ as we say here in the US

Namaste Jiban!

Well, we’re all back in the US and a little rested up. I wanted to say a big ‘Thank You’ to you for all you did to make this first trip special. The banners, hats, tshirts, great staff, etc. Overall the guys were very impressed and even commented that you seemed to really ‘have my back’ as we say here in the US. It’s a compliment which means someone is loyal to you and whiling to help you in any way they can.

I really hope you have a great rest of the season. I’ll be working on updates to my Nepal trips, so please pass along those cost estimates you showed me briefly and I will look over where I think pricing needs to be. Let me know when you’ll be heading to Kilimanjaro. I hope you have an amazing time if you go. I love Africa!

Be well, be safe. It was great to see you again!

Darrell Atwater

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