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Friday, May 15, 2009

Trekking and climbing trip operator in Nepal

Well, where to begin ….

The short answer is that you should retain Jiban. There may be other outfitters who are as good (I don't know who they are), but there could be none better. Not only will Jiban and his local staff take a very personal interest in your trip, but you will leave with friends. In fact, my wife and I often correspond by email with Jiban's children.

If my mother wanted to visit Nepal, I would just have her let Jiban know what she was interested in and when she would arrive. That's it. He will take care of the rest - and the price will be more than reasonable. I took six people to Nepal several years ago and when it came time to settle up, I argued -- that we should pay more!

Jiban also "gives back" to the local community. He is very involved with Educate the Children of Alpine Ascents Foundation - Sherpa Education Fund ( It speaks quite well of Jiban that he is not only concerned about those who are less fortunate, but that he is doing something about it at his own expense.

I have recommended Jiban and his staff to many people and have never gotten anything but positive feedback. He has arranged major climbing expeditions that I have participated in, treks that I have taken, and cultural touring around the Kathmandu Valley that should not be missed. In each case, he was personally involved. I really can't think of anything that went wrong. Obviously, Jiban can't control all the variables, but my experience is that he does a great job - even with the weather!

I terms of suggestions, I can recommend the trek to Mustang. This is part of the world that will soon vanish due to the Chinese - this makes the difficulty of the trek that much more rewarding. In spite of the daily exercise, though, my friends and I gained weight. Jiban's cooks are excellent! Also, be sure and leave several days for seeing the ancient kingdoms of the Kathmandu Valley. I did not do this until my fourth trip to Nepal - poor planning on my part!

If you do the Mustang trek, I will be happy to forward my trip notes. Also, please feel free to write me about specific questions.


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