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Friday, November 20, 2009

Architecture team arrived Kathmandu and working with Almunium, glass and Tress group

We are joined by Jiban, our coordinator in Kathmandu, who has been setting up meetings with manufacturers and suppliers of materials. We work on setting up our game plan for the next few before we retreat to our rooms to unload our gear. This, too, is short lived as after only about a half hour we return to the lobby to have coffee and meet with two of our material suppliers and fabricators. Tec is our man in charge of fabricating the trusses. We hope to get one full-size truss made while we are in Nepal. Mingma is our contact for aluminum storefronts. Both have had experience with transporting and installing materials in the Khumbu. Much of our discussion is about the minute specifics of materials and member sizing, as well as the capacity and history of transporting materials to the (remote) Khumbu.

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