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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Round Annapurna Trek

Jiban, you were so at ease with us, making us feel like it was all under control. When we come to a country for the first time, not knowing what to expect, it's nice to know you will be there to pick us up, get us transportation, set up good accomodations. You have good connections and people respect you wherever we went.

We want you to take care of those that Guide and porter for you so they may learn from you how to be a leader. The Annapurna Trek is a personal achievement of satisfaction for those who complete it. We are very fulfilled and glad it was a part of our life experience. It is also a trek for us to respect the Nepalese people for the conditions they live in, working hard to accomodate the foreigners. Nepal is a beautiful country! The Annapurnas are majestic and magical. We will cherish these memories forever! Thank you Jiban! And thank you to my brother Chris for sharing his love of the Himalayan mountains and culture to inspire us to go on this trek.

Terrie & Mark Meadows
Salt Lake City

P.S. Jiban, I continue to play tennis and will be better the next time we play!! Thank you for your time to play and steam with us.

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